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Pruning is a large and varied discipline.  Typical methods are outlined below;

  • Crown Cleaning – general clearance of dead wood and broken branches.
  • Crown Lift –removal of the lower branches of the crown.
  • Crown Thinning – selective removal of branches throughout the canopy.  This allows greater light penetration and reduces wind sail force.
  • Crown Reduction – reduction of crown size whilst ensuring the aesthetics of the tree are not compromised.
  • Target Pruning – Wayward branches are shortened.  This brings them back in line with the tree’s overall proportions and visual appeal.
  • Weight Reduction – Crown stabilisation is required if the weight of lateral branches is putting the tree at risk of breaks or collapse.  Specialist bracing can be installed to minimize downward pressure.
  • Pollarding – Removal of all foliage whilst retaining a framework from which a new crown can regrow. This pruning technique is only appropriate for certain trees.
  • Habitat Pruning – When a tree reaches the end of its life complete removal causes local habitat devastation.  To enable the ecological benefits to continue we aggressively cut and bore into the timber with the aim of causing rips, tears and hollows.  This encourages decay, fungi and insects.

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