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Xpertrees is the culmination of owner Drew Parrott’s extensive professional experience, love of climbing and respect for the trees in our natural environments.  He views his profession as a responsibility and his services are a million miles away from the haphazard “butchery” frequently seen. What marks him apart is his dedication and sheer determination.  He will get the job done, no matter the obstacles and scale. Adverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures will not deter Drew; he has been known to tackle jobs in winter at -26°C! His approach is highly organised, disciplined and very thorough.  

A Tree Surgeon with Credentials

To get an idea of how seriously Drew takes his work, here is a brief outline of how he got to where he is today.

In his first job in 2000, aged just 18 years old, he developed his life-long passion for climbing, working with trees and learning skilled arborist techniques.  His talents were soon noticed and 5 years later he moved to a larger company in the position of team leader. In this role Drew’s artistic nature and integrity were nurtured, as well as expanding his experience and skills.  During this time he gained a whole string of tree surgery qualifications.

The high standard of his work was registered and his reputation grew.  Drew decided to branch out as a freelance climber and arborist. His prestige spread and before long he was working regularly for over 20 companies in the Midlands area.  In this time he graduated to training younger staff but always remained attentive to the more experienced climbers.

After 3 years Drew chose to expand his horizons and head for the warmer climes of the French Riviera.  Drew had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of his chosen trade, and in France he had the opportunity to learn styles of pruning rarely seen in the UK.  His eagerness to master tree surgery techniques led Drew next to Scandinavia. Here he worked on many government projects, from city centres to schools, infrastructure to forests.  Whilst in Sweden Drew honed his skills and knowledge on a daily basis, becoming the accomplished professional tree surgeon and climber he is today.

Expert Tree Surgery from Xpertrees

Drew Parrot is now back in the UK and can offer the full benefit of his years of training and expertise.  Under his management Xpertrees offers comprehensive professional tree services.  Contact Drew today on 07882 257 836 or email xpertrees@gmail.com to discuss any tree surgery or tree management jobs you would like us to undertake for you.

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