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Our Ethos

What singles out Xpertrees from the rest is our commitment to preservation.  At Xpertrees we are proud of our excellent reputation for tree conservation.  We value the benefits abundant and healthy trees bring. The environmental positives are evident; trees act as the lungs of the planet and produce vital clean air for us to breathe.  Plus trees are essential for wildlife habitats and are an important part of our countryside heritage. A thriving green landscape lifts your mood and brings beauty and tranquillity to gardens and outdoor areas.  It is our fundamental aim to promote careful tree maintenance and ensure our trees will be enjoyed for generations to come. We want to educate tree owners on how best to protect and preserve, rather than clear and chop down.

Only a specialist arborist can truly help with the long term health and care of our nation’s trees.  Unfortunately there are countless tree surgeons today who offer quick fixes at cheap prices, often undercutting the real professionals.  Their solutions normally involve relentless tree cutting without regard to the long term effects.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices is forgotten.” – Benjamin Franklin

Trees take years to grow and mature, yet they can be destroyed in just a few hours.  Added to this is poor maintenance; bad practices cannot be undone and is often the cause of a tree’s slow demise.  This in turn means extra expense for the owner. But with the right knowledge and skills a correctly pruned tree will flourish.  That being said, it is regrettable that tree removal remains a large part of our workload. This is largely due to past substandard work, causing structural faults, wood decaying fungi or simply the wrong tree in the wrong place.

Professional Tree Services in the Midlands

Our varied work takes us into urban centres as well as into rural communities.  We are based in the Midlands but are happy to travel further afield. You can get in touch with us on 07882 257 836 or email xpertrees@gmail.com.

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